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Mokena Animal Clinic LTD
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4-doctor small animal medical and surgical facilty equipped with laboratory, pharmacy and radiology treats Dogs, Cats, Birds, Exotics and Pocket Pets.
Address9455 W 191st St Mokena, IL 60448-8308
Phone(708) 479-2811
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Featured Article

WHAT IS A CASTRATION (NEUTER) IN CATS? Surgery (General Soft Tissue) - Theriogenology FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS A castration (neuter) is the surgical removal of the male reproductive organs. The operation removes the two testicles.

When done early, this surgical procedure will eliminate many unwanted behavioral problems, which develop with sexual maturity. This procedure can also significantly lengthen your pets life and may reduce the risk of medical complications later in life.
The recommended age to have your pet spayed (female) or neutered (male) is 6-months of age.

SPAYING - The operation is called ovariohysterectomy. Numerous studies have demonstrated that spaying a dog at an early age is overwhelmingly advantageous for her long-term health. Naturally, older females can be spayed too, but it is best for the procedure to be performed when the female pet is a young adult. (6-12months)

•Eliminates the messy discharge and odor generally associated with estrus (heat cycle) in dogs.
•If done prior to the first heat cycle, spaying greatly reduces the risk of mammary cancer. (Approximately 99.5%)
•Protects your pet against the risk of ovarian and uterine cancer and uterine infection (pyometra).
•Helps control the pet population crisis by avoiding unwanted pregnancies and abandoned animals.There is no evidence that your pet will in any way benefit from having a heat cycle or a litter before spaying. Some doctors may advise you to wait until after the first heat for developmental and anatomical reasons. Although hormonal changes after surgery may temporarily increase her appetite, weight gain can be controlled by adjusting the type and amount of food given.
NEUTERING - As with spaying, there are many benefits to neutering your pet. Some of these benefits include the following:

•Eliminates annoying sexual behavior in male dogs such as, mounting behavior or lifting his leg to mark his territory both indoors and outdoors.
•Eliminates roaming in search of females. If allowed to run loose, he may fight with other males, be injured by automobiles, or run away. If confined, he may become hyperactive or aggressive.
•Reduces prostate and testicular cancer.
•Helps control the pet population crisis avoiding unwanted pregnancies.
•Reduces the chance of dogs biting or being aggressive towards other dogs or humans later in life. Statistics show that dog bites are usually inflected by unaltered males.
•Less roaming behavior means less external and internal parasite infestations, as well as the spread of contagious diseases.
Altering will not change your pets personality except to make him a calmer, more devoted pet. An older less active pet may experience weight gain, which can be controlled by proper diet and exercise.
Unless you are convinced that you will want to show or breed your pet, we recommend that you call for a surgical appointment when you pet is
6-months of age.

Do not feed table scraps to your pet especially when your pet is trying to lose weight. Take a look at these unhealthy snacks and what it would mean in human terms.

We carry the following prescription diets to help manage your pet's weight. IAMS Veterinary Diets, HILLS Prescription Diets, and Royal Canin Veterinary Diets

Dr. Wayne Ingmire receives North American 2009 Favorite Veterinarian Award

Though it is likely that the association will hear some barking from the good folks that nominated many of the other deserving veterinarians, Dr. Ingmire is the 2009 North American Favorite Veterinarian! (Pittsburgh, PA) October 23, 2009: The North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA) announced today that Dr. Wayne Ingmire of Chicago has been selected among client nominations as the winner of the 2009 North American Favorite Veterinarian. As the North American Pet Health Insurance Association celebrated North American Pet Health Insurance Month in September, the association encouraged pet owners across North America to nominate their Favorite Veterinarian and provide a short story as an example. According to the association, Paws Down, Dr. Wayne Ingmires nomination made him the Purrrfect Winner! Dr. Wayne Ingmire practices at the Mokena Animal Clinic near Chicago. He was nominated by Charlene Tabler, a client since 1982. According to Ms. Tabler, Our family feels that Doc is the most caring and focused care providers we have ever met. And that includes our childrens pediatrician and we certainly love our pediatrician! Doc has been with us through the lives of our pets during the good times and times of illness and loss. From getting down on the floor and saying hello to our pets, to holding our hand as we discussed cancer treatments for one of our dogs, Doc is a most loving and caring health provider. There have been several times throughout the years that Doc would call in the early evening to check on our pets and make sure everything was going well. He does so much more for us than treating our pets, Doc treats our entire family. It is with pride that the North American Pet Health Insurance Association announces Dr. Ingmire as the winner of the North American Favorite Veterinarian Award for 2009. Dr. Ingmire is a committed and caring practitioner that gives much to his clients, patients and his profession. He has distinguished himself at all levels of his profession and within his community. The North American Pet Health Insurance Association is gratified to provide a small part of recognition that is so well deserved. Said, Loran Hickton, Executive Director, of the North American Pet Health Insurance Association. The North American Pet Health Insurance Association is providing a special reception and lunch on October 27, 2009 at 1:00PM at the Mokena Animal Clinic for Dr. Ingmire, his staff, and friends. There will be a special presentation of an educational grant and also a recognition plaque. Charlene Tabler, the client that nominated Dr. Ingmire will be there as part of the presentation.

Getting a new puppy or a new kitten is always exciting! Be sure to ask us about our Puppy & Kitten vaccination programs!

WE OFFER CARE FOR ALL YOUR PETS! We provide health care for pets of all kinds! Birds, exotics, pocket pets, and of course dogs and cats too. No matter how unusual your pet is, we'll provide care and treatment options to keep your companion happy & healthy. Mokena Animal Clinic also offers a full range of pet products for all your pet needs.

Mokena Animal Clinic is a full-service veterinary medical facility located in Mokena, IL since 1982. The professional and courteous staff at Mokena Animal Clinic seeks to provide the best possible medical, surgical and dental care for our highly-valued patients of Dogs, Cats, Birds, Exotics and Pocket Pets. We are committed to promoting responsible pet ownership, preventative health care and health-related educational opportunities for our clients. The doctors of Mokena Animal Clinic can look back at over fifty years of combined practice experience from vaccinations to oral and dental care. Throughout the year, our staff attends continuing education seminars, our veterinarians are members of many professional organizations which include: The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) The Chicago Veterinary Medical Association(CVMA) The Illinois State Veterinary Association (ISVMA).
Our entire staff is devoted to treating our patients with the respect and compassion befitting true animal lovers.
The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) has recently certified our clinic for four more years. Only 18% of small animal practices in North America and Canada are able to pass the stringent requirements put forth by AAHA. Our practice was evaluated on such criteria as client service, patient care, pain management protocols, anesthetic and surgical protocols and practice and staff management. We're proud to have been an AAHA certified clinic since 2000.

Our clinic was listed by Chicago magazine as one of the top clinics in the Chicago area. Thank you for your support!

Also, Our very own Dr. Wayne Ingmire was chosen the 2009 "Favorite Veterinarian of the year" for North America and Canada from the National Pet Insurance Association. Only one veterinarian a year is chosen for this prestigious award.

Mokena Animal Clinic strives to offer excellence in veterinary care to Mokena, IL and surrounding areas. Please take a moment to contact us today, to learn more about our veterinary practice and to find out more information about how Mokena Animal Clinic can serve the needs of you and your cherished pet. We know your pet is very special to you, and is a member of your family, that is why your pet is just as important to us!


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