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Leaf – Hand Engraved Ring
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Leaf – Hand Engraved Ring
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A unique custom-designed ring with engraving in the middle is extraordinary. The craftsmen use Damascus steel and brass to engrave this hand engraved ring.

The Hand Engraved Rings are charming. Most people tend to wear it at parties and get-togethers. These rings are also for great daily wear. This Hand Engraved Ring is a highly preferred accessory. These can be perfect men’s band rings. This ring is also available in different sizes.

For each ring, craftsmen use high-quality Brass and Damascus steel. The patterns/designs are completely hand engraved. Artisan craft the pattern on the brass using a chistel and a hammer.

This is the top quality product among rings. The engraved item a great way to update your accessory collection. Furthermore, both men and women can wear this excellent ring.

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We are fifth generation blacksmiths who have been forging and creating knives from Damascus and stainless steel for well over 100 years now. Hammer and heat are the two best friends we have.