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Ease the Pain of a Pet Loss with Thoughtful Gifts!
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“A pet is never truly forgotten until it is no longer remembered. ”- Lacie Petitto

Losing a pet can be a distressing time for any pet owner. As such the entire family is affected. The pain and sorrow of the loss definitely takes time to heal. However as a friend/relative, you can do your best to help a pet owner overcome the loss. You can hear them out, listen to them and try to soothe them with your comforting words. You can also reduce their pain by giving them a thoughtful pet loss gift.

Pets are endearing and over some time they invariably become a part of the family. And, when they pass away, the family to which they belong experiences pain which is just like what it would be on losing a member of the family.

So what are pet loss gifts?

Pet loss gifts are essentially memorabilia of the pet that help the owner relive the good times they spent with their pet. These gifts help the pet owner overcome the pain of demise of the pet and cherish living with the pleasant memories of their pet. Pet loss gifts help the owner in overcoming the loss because part of the healing process when you are grieving a pet loss, is sharing stories and remembering the pet.

Presenting such gifts to pet owners is a way of showing them that you care. It’s the best way for you to express that you understand what they are going through and are with them at their hour of need.

Of course, a pet loss gift cannot make the owner completely get over the loss but it can definitely help alleviate the pain. It will make it easier for the owner to come to terms with the loss and hopefully accept it quicker.

Let us check out some pet loss gift ideas:

1. Pet loss Photo frame

You could gift a photo frame with a happy picture of the pet on it. This will help remind the owner of the happy times he/she spent with the pet.

2. Pet loss Urn

Pet loss gift shops offer pet loss urns which can be kept in the house as a reminder of the pet who was more like a family member. An urn makes the owner get the feeling that the pet is still living and around them.

3. Pendant

Pet loss pendants are designed such that they open. On one side of the opened pendant, you can put a picture of the pet and on the other side; you can write something about the pet. 

4. Pet Memorial Stone

This is a popular pet loss gift. A memorial stone with a picture of the pet. The stone can have the year of birth and death engraved on it. You can include a creative quote on the stone to give it your personal touch.

5. Painting/Sketch

You could gift a painting or a sketch of the pet in which he looks cheerful.

6. A scrapbook 

You could make a scrapbook with pictures of the dog at different stages. You can sit with the owner and flip through the scrapbook reliving all those fond moments spent with the pet. 

7. Online Memorial Tribute

You can write a blog about the pet. You can recreate the happy memories in the blog. You can also include pictures of the pet on the blog. When you share it on the internet, the pet owner can read it and it will help in the healing process.

8. Pet Memorial Wind Chimes

These chimes could be personalized by having the name of the pet engraved on it and including quotes. Wind chimes are a good gift option because every time the wind blows, the owner is reminded of the pet.

These are some suggestions for what you can give away to someone who has lost a pet. You can either buy one or create your own for your friend!

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