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Leather - hardly any other material is so diverse and robust. No wonder that it is perfect for processing your favorite shoes. But as high-quality as the material is - heat and dust in summer as well

Leather - hardly any other material is so diverse and robust. No wonder that it is perfect for processing your favorite shoes. But as high-quality as the material is - heat and dust in summer as well as rain, snow and mud in winter affect your leather newchic shoes. We will tell you how to properly care for the different types of leather and what you have to pay attention to.

Most believe that the main thing you need to clean is shoes so that they are clean and shiny again. But with the right care, leather newchic shoes also become more supple and more resistant to external influences. Since it is a natural product, we recommend that you even carry out leather care every two weeks. You can find out what the ideal shoe spa looks like here.

Regular brushing prevents the greatest evil

After each wear, you should brush your shoes with a brush that is not too rough. This applies to smooth leather as well as to suede or synthetic leather. This way you remove the dust and light dirt that has deposited on your shoes throughout the day. In addition, the color of the shoes is preserved and there is no film of dirt that you have to laboriously remove later. If you came into the rain or snow, the leather newchic shoes for brushing must first dry, otherwise you only spread and rub the mud over a large area.

Caution: To dry, never place the leather newchic shoes under or on the heater. This makes the material brittle.

Nothing beats good impregnation

For most people, impregnation is only an autumn topic - when the chances of getting your feet wet increase. But leather shoes should be impregnated regularly throughout the year. This means that the surface is not only protected from moisture, but also from dirt and sunlight. Ideally, you impregnate your shoes once a month, and your favorite shoes often worn even every two weeks. So dirt - whether dry or wet - has no chance. Before impregnation (please perform outdoors), the shoes must be brushed clean.

Caution: When buying an impregnation spray, pay attention to the type of leather it is suitable for.

What suede really needs

Since suede is more sensitive than smooth leather, you should pay attention to the right care equipment. There are extra brushes and waterproofing sprays for suede, as it is called in technical terms. If you have got rain, mud or even salt rims, then you have to be careful when cleaning. A suede eraser can do little miracles. It roughens up the fibers and removes stains and dirt.

Caution: never use shoe polish for suede. The fat it contains leaves unsightly edges.

Artificial leather is also in need of care

Since it is more resistant and not an animal product either, synthetic leather is becoming increasingly popular. But if you think that you hardly have to maintain this material, you are wrong. Imitation leather also wants to be regularly cleaned of dust and dirt and should also be impregnated. So the feet stay dry. Even if synthetic leather is hardly distinguishable from the real natural product, when it comes to care, the two types of leather want something different. Therefore, make absolutely sure that your care products are suitable for synthetic leather.

Caution: Only fat-free products may be used for the care of synthetic leather. Unlike real leather, the artificial variant cannot absorb fats and stains remain.

Patent leather is a little sensitive

Patent leather newchic shoes are actually very practical. They are covered with a moisture-resistant film, making them more water-repellent in autumn than other leather newchic shoes. Unfortunately, it is inevitable that small wrinkles appear when worn, which can tear later. Once the varnish is removed, the favorite shoes disappear into the shoe cabinet forever. To prevent this from happening, patent shoes should get a lot of special care. Because even for the shiny shoes there are extra impregnation sprays and cleaning creams.

Caution: patent leather does not like shoe brushes. You can only further rub the small cracks in the paint film. It's better to use a soft, damp cotton cloth for cleaning.

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