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Bread Knife with Camel Bone Handle
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Bread Knife with Camel Bone Handle
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A special bread knife for perfect bread as well as cake slices. This knife is wonderful for bakery times. It gives amazing cutting without breaking apart the meals.

A good Bread knife is an essential tool in the kitchen. This knife is a great help, from cutting freshly baked banana bread to making a sandwich.

It’s different from a kitchen knife. A kitchen knife is for chopping action. That’s why even a sharp flat-edged blade will struggle with loaves and the large downward force they need to break the crust squashes and rips the bread.

We have all heard a jack of all trades master of none, similarly, the bread-cutting knife has to be versatile & precise in cutting. 

The Bread knife gives utmost performance & is a practical performer, this Bread knife brings you the best cutting ability. The Bread knife provides smooth cuts in any bakery goods.

A good serrated Bread knife is an essential kitchen tool with the difference of tough crust and soft inside, making bread a unique cutting challenge.

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We are fifth generation blacksmiths who have been forging and creating knives from Damascus and stainless steel for well over 100 years now. Hammer and heat are the two best friends we have.