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The basics of residential roofing
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Before you decide whether to hire a contractor or do your own work, you need to understand the basics of residential roofing. To look at the lifetime cost of your roof you need to know the choices .

Every structure needs a roof. Residential roofing requires a bit more than most commercial roofs as there are different goals in mind. All roofs need to keep the elements out and to help maintain the ambient temperature inside, but houses need to do this to a different level of competency for more hours of the day (all of them) than a commercial enterprise that may only be open from 8 to 6. When you look at the basics of a residential roofing job you will begin to understand why so many choices you make in the beginning can affect the duration and lifetime cost of the roof.

The types of roofs

Most residential steel roofing jobs are going to be a shingle style. The shingles are generally of an asphalt type and are installed in square foot area sheets. Before the top shingle layer is put on, the roofers have to install an underlayment. This is the layer that protects your home from losing ambient temperature, and gaining outside moisture. The underlayment can be as simple as tar paper over wood sheathing – or it can be a complex and multi-layered construction. Metal roofs for residential projects are starting to catch on as they are easier to maintain. There are also wood, slate and tile roof styles available.

How pitch will affect the lifetime cost of the roof

The pitch of the roof is going to radically affect your cost. If you have a small roof area, which has several gables – then it will cost more to cover than the same square foot area without the gables. The pitch of the roof refers to the angle of the roof slope. Steeper pitches are more expensive to do because they require a different set of expertise from workers, as well as proper safety equipment to do the work. Anytime there is a peak in a roof, such as a gable; or there is a penetration – such as a skylight or venting pipe, it adds cost to the roof installation as there is extra work involved using specialty pieces and sealing compounds.

What's involved with maintenance

One thing you really have to understand about the roof type you choose, is how it can affect your maintenance costs. Maintenance cost involves more than just cleaning the roof, but also making sure it retains proper seal around all penetrations and joints and the cost of doing area repairs. The cheapest roof to perform area repairs on is a metal roof. Metal roofs are designed in panels; if one becomes damaged you can just pull it and replace it. The cost for maintenance and repair of shingle roofs comes down to the type of underlayment installed. A multiple layer underlayment may be more expensive in the beginning, but it makes it less expensive to do repairs later as there is less of a chance that the whole underlayment will be compromised by one problem area.

Picking the right contractor

When you start to look for a residential roofing contractors chicago you should have a list prepared of options for the different types of roof you are interested in. Don't fall in love with a specific type of roof because a contractor may inform you that it will be problematic to have in your geographic area. Talk to the roofer first about your desires and concerns before they give you an estimate — that way they will understand your goals. 

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