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What residential roofing contractors expect from you
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Residential roofing contractors have certain expectations of clients. They need you to do more than just pay on time.

Just because you have hired someone to do the work doesn't mean that you don't have a role to play beyond signing the check. Ask any of the local area residential roofing contractors and they will tell you that customers who deliver on what is expected of them is the real determining factor in how well a job gets done, and whether or not it gets done on schedule. Here are a few things you should know about what the contractors expect from you.

Don't be “that client”

The number one issue that residential roofing contractors identify as a problem client is one who doesn't understand that customer service is a two-way street. You may want your residential roofing contractors to return your emails or phone calls as soon as possible, but you need to do the same – and understand their availability. It is one thing for a contractor to return your call the same day, but when they are on the job and call you, it means they need an answer to something right away. Be responsive to them when they call. Another major complaint comes from customers who want to give input on how the work is being done. Unless you are a full time roofer, chances are you don't really understand the steps and stages involved. Even if you had a summer job roofing years ago, the industry and technology involved has changed. Hire a contractor whose skills you are confident in, and then let them do the work without interruption.

Speaking of interruption

No child or pet should be allowed out or around the crew while they are working. Watching roofers may be fascinating for a child, but it is an incredibly dangerous job. When a child is present, both the roofer and the child are at risk for injury. Dogs are another big no-no. Keep your dog inside as they can raise the risk for injury of the workers too.

What part of crew needs are you responsible for?

There are certain elements of crew needs that you are responsible for providing. No, you don't have to let them in to use your bathroom facilities - the contractor needs to make arrangements for that and water supply. What the customer has to do is take care of any of the necessary permits, including on- street parking if needed. Many municipalities will let you block off some spaces for short duration construction work if you have a permit. You also have to have a building and renovation permit as well. The contractor can take care of those things but you need to negotiate that upfront.

Create clear and respectful communication

You would be surprised at how many issues could be avoided just by maintaining clear and respectful communication with your residential roofing contractors. The same way that you feel you should be treated with respect, contractors also expect the same. The customer is not always right, and the contractor does reserve the right not to work with you again. Don't work yourself onto a black list. If you want respect, give respect and the whole job will go better. Talk to your contractor about responsibilities for the job before contracts are signed to avoid problems.

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