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Commercial Roof Inspection - What Your Contractor Will Check For
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Regular maintenance on your roof is extremely important in prolonging its life and protecting your investment. Talk with your roofing contractor to find out how often you should check your roof.

Commercial roofs are tough and made to last a long time. Owners of commercial buildings might not think a lot about the need to do regular maintenance on their roofs, but it's a necessary part of keeping them problem-free for as long as possible. Highly-skilled Chicago roofing contractors know exactly what to look for when they come to do regular maintenance checks on your commercial roof. Not only that, if they do find a problem, they know how to repair the problem correctly the first time around.

It can be tempting (especially for someone who is handy) to want to do roofing repairs themselves in an attempt to save time and money. This can cost even more down the road, however. A small leak that is improperly repaired can continue on a smaller-but constant-scale. By the time you discover that the leak wasn't properly stopped the first time around, the damage to the wood or metal roof decking, as well as any materials that lie beneath, can be huge. It's much better to work with Chicago roofing contractors who specialize in locating and repairing roof problems. Because they deal with these issues every single day, they'll not only be able to locate the source of the leak more quickly than someone who is a jack-of-all-trades; they'll be skilled and experienced in knowing the best way to repair the leak in order to achieve optimum and long-lasting results.

The best way to avoid problems, though, is to have Chicago roofing contractors on a regular maintenance schedule to inspect your roof and repair small issues before they turn into large problems. What sort of items will a roofing contractor look for? As they walk the exterior of your building and check out the edges of your roof (and climb up and inspect the roof surface, itself), one of the first things they'll look for is any pools of standing water on your roof. While roofs are made to be waterproof, standing water can cause your roof cover to age prematurely, creating the potential for leaks. Another item that will be of concern to a roofing contractor is areas where the roof cover has started to bubble up away from the decking beneath. When your roof cover is functioning properly, it should sit flat against the layers underneath so that it properly protects them. A roof cover with bubbled areas is also less effective at protecting against wind damage and water intrusion.

Your roofing contractors Chicago will also carefully inspect the roof cover for any areas where it is peeling or cracking. All of the seams where the roof is caulked will be checked to make sure that the integrity of the caulk and seals hasn't been violated; any cracks can cause water leaks. The flashing will also be checked-both the flashing that runs around the edge of the roof and areas of flashing around objects that protrude from the roof's surface (such as vents, pipes, rooftop equipment, etc.). Because the flashing is supposed to keep water from seeping into rooftop seams, it's important that it is in good shape and is free of any gaps.

A proper roof inspection will include checking for the accumulation of rooftop debris and loose items that may have been blown up there (or that may have been left by workers performing work on equipment). Just as with standing water, prolonged exposure to moisture can damage your roof. Items and debris that are left on your roof for long periods of time can collect moisture in and underneath them, aging your roof cover prematurely and creating the potential for leaks. Along these same lines, your roofing contractor will also clean out all of your gutters and drainage downspouts to ensure that water can properly drain away from your roof.

Regular maintenance on your roof is extremely important in prolonging its life and protecting your investment. Talk with your roofing contractor to find out how often you should have professional inspections done. In the meantime, always call a contractor out right away if you notice anything out of the ordinary. You should also have an inspection done right away immediately after any intense wind or hailstorms.Would you like to know more about commercial roofing chicago visit us.

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