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15 Best Solutions for Wedding Card Boxes with the best Printing at Reasonable Prices.

15 Best Solutions for Wedding Card Boxes with the best Printing at Reasonable Prices.
Wedding card boxes are a mandatory item for every reception. Let us 15 best solutions that give the beautiful and inimitable outcome of the printings at reasonable rates.

Wedding card boxes are something that everyone needs once in their lifetime. These are used, as obvious by their name, to send wedding invitations to family, friends, closed ones, and other invitees. They are made of kraft stock, corrugated cardboard stock, and paper stock, mainly. They are customizable in terms of size, shape, manufacturing material, printable design, and finishing style. Moreover, they can be customized with a die-cut window that can make their presentation more exquisite. Similarly, different finishing styles can also be opted for in order to make them look more presentable as well as enhance their safety level. You can also get your desired invitation message, the name of the recipient, all the necessary details, and contact information printed on them as well in order to provide ease to your invitees. Similarly, you can choose the color scheme, images, or illustrations to be printed on them.

Wedding card boxes with a little bit of creativity can serve much more than just a pack for receiving or holding cards. By using different solutions, they can work as a great decoration that suits the whole theme. Let us share 15 best solutions that can be printed exceptionally at reasonable prices;


Suitcase boxes the unique item to be used as wedding card boxes wholesale. They are normally made in plain brown color, but they can be customized in various ways to make them appear more presentable.

You can change their color, shape, size, and design as per your need. They are one of the ideal solutions for storing and packing small, large, heavy, or even fragile products.

Mailer box

Another interesting package is a mailer box. They can be customized into any designs and styles that help to increase the value and usefulness of their inside packed products. To make them look more beautiful, you can select the desired lamination from gloss, matter, or spot UV to make them look sparkling or dull as per your demand. 

Rigid pack

Rigid packs are well-known in the market for their durability. They are sturdy enough to pack almost all kinds of products, including cosmetics, sports equipment, electronics, crockery, toiletry, cards, foods, or stationery items.Their smart manufacturing allows the consumers to use them for a long time period, and they will continue to stay in their original shape even if you place something on top of them.

Kraft package

The trend of using eco-friendly packaging is increasing day by day. Kraft packs are already getting in used in different industries. They are multipurpose, professionally manufactured to give high quality and durable boxes. They are made from the most exceptional quality of pine wood. You can easily use them as your wedding card box packaging. To revamp their appearance, you can use different finishes such as gloss, spot UV, or matte, to make them look extraordinary. You can also select the printing techniques that fit your needs, for instance, offset, screen, digital, ink, embossing, and debossing can easily be used on their panels for printing anything. 

Display boxes

Any products that require a formal display should have a unique kind of packages to support the theme. The display boxes are a unique packaging that has a back panel that you can use to print anything.

The style of walls, size, and shape makes them an ideal choice to pack any wedding card and also to give out their presentation to others. 

Die-cut design

One more decorative way to display any special product is to use die-cut packaging. They have adaptable nature, and you can design them in different ways. By using a die-cut technique, you can decorate a certain part of your packaging. To highlight any specific printing, you can use the Spot UV technique.

Presentation pack

Presentation packs by their name as especially used for presenting a product. They are multipurpose packaging solutions. You can make them as theme-based by changing their dimensions, size, colors, and design. 

Cube-shaped package

Cube shape packages are special kind of boxes that has a sturdy base that holds its posture and shape without making it fall when it is transferred from one place to another.

They support the latest coloring schemes such as CMYK, RGB, and PMS to give a vibrant display of any color that is used in the printing. You can use die-cut designs, with other printing techniques to make them look more enticing and useful.

Custom boxes

Custom boxes are one of the most useful and flexible items of the packaging industry. They can be personalized according to any specific requirements of the consumers to change their appearances in unique shapes, sizes, and custom-made designs that represent the skills of their makers. They are sustainable, strong, and durable packaging that is available in the market at affordable prices. Custom wedding card boxes are environmentally friendly, and their texture can be customization various designs with high-quality printing that attracts the attention of any person passing by.

Folding box

Folding boxes is a good option for you to consider is you have to invite a large number of guests at your reception. Their style can be varied in size and shape by folding or unfolding their joining points according to the targeted items. You will not have to arrange multiple packs to store cards; in fact, a folding pack will accommodate your instant demands of different sizes. 

White Packaging

If you want a mature look for your wedding card box packaging, white boxes are the most suitable option for you. They are multi-purpose boxes that utilize commonly for gifting purposes. As compared to other printed boxes, they are slightly cheaper.

Their simplicity makes them look appealing to suit and suitable to pack anything inside them that does not need any classification.

Luxury setup boxes

Luxury setup boxes are widely getting in used in various fields for different purposes. Their shape and size highly depend on what it is going to be used for. Normally, they are used for promotions and sales of any product, but their robust surfaces can easily be printed with graphics or texts. By smartly designing them, you can make them more useful for you.

Collapsible rigid boxes

We all know that a good quality of packaging wins the heart of everyone that sees it. Collapsible rigid packs are made to surprise others. The effective use of laminations and foiling bring finesse in their overall presentation.

They are adaptable enough to change their appearance to enhance the visual appeal of a product that is packed in them. 

Slipcase Boxes

Slipcase packages are one of the unique items. They have an exclusive design that protects the packed product from five sides while keeping the one side open to pull out the box. They support all personalization techniques, including the latest printing technologies such as offset, digital, and screen, which are currently the highlights of the market. 

Shoulder Boxes

Shoulder boxes are used by many retailers to make their brand appear more fashionable and stylish as compared to others. They have thick hardboard and rigid cardboard to make them make durable enough to protect the packed products. To make work as a wedding card pack, you can design their neck and the remaining box in separate colors to make them look more attractive and decent. 

The above-mentioned are 15 unique and attractive packaging solution that can be used as a wedding card package. You can select any of them and style them as per your requirement.

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