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Keeping the neighbors happy during your Chicago residential roofing job

Everyone has a story about a Chicago residential roofing job gone wrong – from the neighbors’ side. There are some small and easy steps you and your contractor can take to help keep everyone happy.

Everyone has a story about a Chicago residential roofing job gone wrong – from the neighbors’ side. If it isn't tales about flat tires from roofing nails, or material waste blowing over into gardens – it’s complaints about work starting too early and the road being blocked. This doesn't have to be. There are some small and easy steps you and your contractor can take to help keep everyone happy while you get your roof, and get the job done on time.

Keeping the neighbor happy is your job

The last thing you need to deal with when your life is already disrupted by a roofing job are irate neighbors complaining. They can complain to you, the police and the town board depending on what is going on. While there are standards of professional conduct that any Chicago residential roofing contractor will operate by, keeping the neighbors happy is your job. There is a lot you can do to make sure that work gets done without complaint.

Let the contractor know if there are work limits

You know your neighborhood better than anyone else, therefore you will know the hours when work can occur. While many Chicago residential roofing contractors prefer to start as early in the day as possible to avoid the heat, they can also accommodate a later start time. A later start time may extend the length of the job as the contractors will most likely stop working at the same time as an earlier start because of safety concerns for their crews. Depending on the work crew and the neighborhood, you may have to set other work limits. This can be especially important if you are in a school zone or another protected area. Remember that if the crew gets in trouble, work stops and you don't get your roof.

Check with your town about parking issues

There are two different types of permits your Chicago residential roofing job will have. The first is for the work itself—in which your contractor may assume responsibility for that permit, but you may have to get it yourself. The second, depending on where you live in Chicago, is a work parking permit. This allows you to partially block parking spaces during the course of the work to allow for trucks and worker parking.

Make sure to notify the neighbors

It can go miles to keep good relations with your neighbor if you let them know in advance to expect workers at your home. You can state the hours they are working, give them your cell number in case there is a problem and inform them of any parking issues that will be occurring. If you had to get permits for work parking for your Chicago residential roofing job, be sure to mention that to your neighbors. The more you are perceived as proactive in protecting them from disruption, the more forgiving your neighbors will be for any that occur. 

Be extra certain about the clean up

The cleanup for any Chicago residential roofing job is going to have to be a mutual effort between you and the contractor. Make sure that before the job begins the contractor has a solid idea of what you expect in the cleanup. Be aware that some forms of cleanup may incur extra labor costs. If you want to avoid that, do the extra cleaning after the contractor leaves. Just make sure you are there when they leave so that in between none of your neighbors runs over a nail.

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