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Best Santoku Knife
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Best Santoku Knife
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An attractive Santoku Bocho Knife made with stainless steel. It has eye-catching features like a razor-sharp blade and a beautiful handle. It can do a variety of cutting tasks.

The Best Santoku Knife is magical. The most interesting fact about this knife is the full name “Santoku Bocho knife.” This translates as 3 uses since it can do various jobs.

This stunning article made with stainless steel gives you a long and durable usage. Stainless Steel contains a high sum of chromium and less carbon. Adding more carbon wouldn’t make it stainless or rust-free. That is why a higher amount of chromium is preferable. The method of manufacturing this is to forge the blade until it changes shape at 1000c. Craftsmen from around the world use this well-known method to make swords or knives.

The size of this Best Santoku Knife is perfect. The overall length of this beauty is 11-inches. The size of its razor-sharp blade is 6.5 inches. Furthermore, the most admiring feature is the handle. This is of Rose Wood with 4.5 inches in length. Chef uses Santoku Knife for a variety of cutting tasks. Usually, the chore of this knife is to mincing meat and dicing vegetables. This knife is flawless for filleting fishes, as well.

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We are fifth generation blacksmiths who have been forging and creating knives from Damascus and stainless steel for well over 100 years now. Hammer and heat are the two best friends we have.