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Working with Chicago Roofing Contractors
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Whether you are a home owner or a business owner, if you have a building you are going to need Chicago roofing contractors.

Working with Chicago Roofing Contractors

 Chicago roofing contractors all have telling stories of bad, unrealistic, unprepared or just plain annoying customers. There are too many potential roof customers in Chicago for a contractor to feel the need to take abuse or put up with any bad behavior from a customer. It isn't a matter of preference, their industry lives and dies from a company's ability to maintain a schedule. If the customer is the source of the problem, they will drop the customer. You have to learn what it means to work with contractors so you not only receive great service, but have a relationship created that will help prolong the lifespan of your roof.

 Comparing services

Chicago roofing contractors don't all perform the same type of work. It pays to do your homework in advance to understand the different types of services offered and the type of service that you need. If your roof is leaking, chances are you don't need your gutters cleaned. If you are looking for a new roof don't call companies who exclusively do repair. Once you have a list of companies that offer the service you need, it’s time to identify their specialty.

 Paying attention to the specialty

Finding the specialty of a roofing contractor can be easy. If they don't outright list that they work on rubber or slate roofs over asphalt shingles first then look at their picture portfolio. Also, pay attention to whether they are a commercial roofer or residential roofer. Commercial and residential roofing vary greatly, especially with the equipment. Some roofers will also list that they install sky lights as a specialty; these specialists will be excellent choices when you need leak repair around any roof penetration you have.

 The estimate

The estimate is where most problems occur on roofing jobs. As the word implies, it is an estimation of the cost to do a job. Unless the company offers a guarantee on the estimate price, be prepared for it to change. Estimates rarely go down in cost. The biggest problem occurs when customers think an estimate is guaranteed when it is not. The word “guarantee” has to be written on the form in order for it to be binding. If you don't have an estimate your next step is to move to a contract.

 The contract

When you create a contract with any Chicago roofing contractors you may still not be getting a guaranteed price. Oftentimes you will receive a written order of process your contractor will have to follow in order for you to approve any additional work or cost that exceeds the original estimate. It is important that this approval step is always done in writing. This will prevent any misunderstandings later. The contract should also spell out the requirements for responsibilities such as clean-up, parking and permits.

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