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When do you need professional roof leak repair?
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Before you try to figure out how to do your own roof leak repair, it pays to know more about the repair needed. There are some repair types that are best left to a professional

 Many home injuries occur as a result of a homeowner trying to repair their own roof. Use this guide to determine what needs to be done and by whom.

The obvious answer to when you need professional roof leak repair is when part or all of the roof has failed and the leak is substantial. What about small leaks? This is where things can get tricky. There are some leaks where it’s reasonable to expect a homeowner to do on their own, however, other types of leaks require a professional. One real worry is that the leak you are seeing is a symptom of a much larger problem that you can't see. That is just one of the many risks of even considering doing it yourself. Safety is another concern.

The different types of leaks

chicago roof repair can occur for several different reasons. It may be that the wind or impact from a tree branch has caused one of the areas of the roofing cover to loosen. Another leak type could be that a top layer of a shingle has failed and is peeling off or disintegrating. Other common types of leaks involve the seal and caulk around penetrations failing due to age and exposure to ultra violet light.

Your roof pitch and type

A lot of what will determine if you should do your own roof leak repair will be the pitch and type of roof you have. Steeply pitched roofs require the use of safety equipment that most homeowners don't own. Don't even think of buying safety equipment for just one job. Safety equipment is expensive and the $3 caulk job may cost you $400 just to set up. Paying someone $50 to do the repair may be more economical. The type of roof is also important – slates and tile roofs should never be repaired by anyone but a professional because they are delicate. You could cause more damage to the roof trying to repair these types.

How to know when to call a professional
Be realistic when it comes to choosing to call a professional. If you are not familiar with roof work, or not in the best physical shape, or have a problem with height – call a professional. The percent of home injuries reported per year resulting from roof work is astronomical. You don't need a broken leg when all you really need is a leak fixed.

The estimate and work
When you call for an estimate on your roof leak repair you need to be willing to ask questions. Find out how long it will take, when the work will be done, and what the plans are if the weather turns. You also want to ask your contractor about how to best avoid leaks in the future. Getting in the habit of doing regular cleaning of your roof can help you spot problems while they are still small.

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