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Finding Lake Forest roof contractors for new construction

When you start looking for Lake Forest roof contractors you need to pay attention to whether they are experienced with new construction, along with existing construction.

The two require very different approaches to the work. If you are looking for someone to provide the roofing work on your new construction you want to make sure that is what the contractor specializes in.

What is the difference between new and existing roofing?
The main difference breaks down to how the contractor is expecting to work, and with what types of materials. With many of the new construction projects you can have a roofing contractor in and out faster than with existing construction work. The crews are used to a higher pace of work as there is less care that has to be taken for existing siding and finishes on the home. The contractor who specializes in new construction is also going to be more attuned to the preparation of the roof structure in regards to insulation, support and drainage. It isn’t that they know more about it than a contractor who only does roof repairs or replacements, but the stage of the home construction they see has given them more exposure to it.

Speed is the real difference

Lake Forest roof contractors who specialize in new roofs are going to be more accustomed to working with other contractor schedules as well. A repair and replacement contractor won’t often have to fit their work in around the plumber or landscaper. This doesn’t mean that you can’t use a repair and replacement contractor for a new roof, it is just that you must be careful with the schedule planning to make sure that if there are delays they won’t result in charges from other contractors.

Are there Lake Forest roof contractors who do both?

Yes, there are contractors who do both new and replacement roofs, as well as repairs. This is the ideal contractor to hire for any of your roofing work. What becomes difficult is that many roofing companies will say that they “do it all” just to get the work. Your best bet is to ask to see a list of the work that has been done by the Lake Forest roof contractors you are considering, and to call former client’s to check their references. Roofing is a skill; it isn’t something you can pick up easily no matter what the DIY channels tell you. Having experience means knowing what the potential is in each project environement. What can happen on a new construction site is far different from an established site. You want to pick the contractor that can anticipate what can happen, which is possible when you get one that has a history of working on all types of jobs.

And then there are the usual tasks
Before you make a decision as to which of the Lake Forest roof contractors you want to hire you have to do your homework. This means you need to think through the timing of the planned work (try to avoid the stormy season), plan around any of your other contractors, and make sure that the work can be done in a timely fashion before the next contractor in the phases comes through. Next, you want to make sure that the contractors you are considering have all the proper licensing, insurance and other requirements to operate in Lake Forest. Talk to several of the Lake Forrest Roof Contractors who can meet your scheduling needs then, check references and look at prior work. You want to wait to do that step until you know they are available.

One last tip about picking Lake Forest roof contractors

One last tip  - say you have done your homework and talked to a few contractors so all you have to do is check the references out and see the work that has been done. Before you do this, ask the contractor how long they will hold the schedule spot open for you. Respect their time frames and act accordingly. You don’t want the disappointment of checking the references, finding the contractor you love only to discover that they gave your slot away because it was taking too long.

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