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Finding Good Siding Contractors

If you are ready to upgrade your building, or complete a new building, then you will need to find good siding contractors. Many general contractors will also offer siding services.

If you are ready to upgrade your building, or complete a new building, then you will need to find good siding contractors. Many general contractors will also offer siding services. You only want to use a general contractor if they are already doing work on your site, that way they will manage the whole process. You can also look at listings for dedicated siding contractors, or look for roofing and siding contractors.

Why roofing and siding?

Roofing and siding usually go together because these two elements of your house form its entire protective shell. Roofers often do siding because it makes integrating the two systems easier. It is harder to have siding attached after a roof and vice versa; there is more risk of an area not being sealed properly. Contractors that are specialized in roofing and siding have the experience to be able to connect one after the other without an issue, even if the roof is older than the siding.

Surprise, finding reputable siding contractors is easy

Despite what the Internet would have you believe, most contractors are very reputable. When you think about it, it makes sense that you wouldn't last long in a business that is based in customer service and has a highly visible product. Don't worry about being taken by a scam artist. If you check them out before you commit to a contract, you won't have a problem with your siding contractors.

What you need to check before you make contact

You need to check the basics about licensing, insurance and whether or not there have been any complaints against a company before you contact them. If there have been complaints it is very important that you read them before dismissing the company as an option. All contractors are required to have a business license and insurance-don't work with anyone who is doing it on the side. Should something happen you will be the only one held liable.

Things to ask during the first conversation

When you first talk to potential Chicago roofing and siding contractors you want to know the who, what, why, where and when before you even get to the "how much" part. In fact, it is a good practice to detour the conversation if it turns to pricing before you have the information on what they propose to do. A good contractor will be able to give you an idea, but not an estimate until they come out and see the job.

What to look for in an estimate

The estimate should be guaranteed. Any changes to the work plan have to be approved by you before they are done and you have to build in a limit to what can be changed. You don't want to have the job half done and the vinyl siding installation tell you the price has doubled because of an issue. In the estimate there should be a plan for finishing the job as described if the additional work is not approved.

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