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Stages of Vinyl Siding Installation

There are a lot of reasons to choose vinyl siding installation over other types of siding.

There are a lot of reasons to choose vinyl siding installation over other types of siding. While the initial outlay may be more expensive, this material will last longer and look better for longer than any other. Maintenance is comprised of power washing and the occasional anti-fungal treatment. It can be a perfect way to reduce the amount of effort and stress taking care of your house can cause. It can also be the perfect choice if you are doing upgrades to improve the resale value of your home. This is an overview of the actual stages of vinyl siding installation so that you can be more of an informed consumer when interacting with your contractor.

The plan and the choice

Planning and choosing a vinyl siding installation would seem simple, but you must pay careful attention. Talk to your contractor about the options and styles available to you. There are more siding options available beside a horizontal plank design. Make sure you look at all of the styles and options before you contract for the installation. The contractor may surprise you by recommending a mix of materials. It is growing more common to see vinyl siding installed to showcase custom masonry work; this lets you get the best of both worlds, especially when it comes to the resale value.

The surface prep

Surface prep is next, which involves more than just having a wallboard to nail the vinyl siding on. Vinyl siding installation is done by attaching tracks or using pre-attached tracks to put sections of siding into place. The siding has to cover an exterior wall which may require a vapor barrier or thermal wrap by code. Your contractor can evaluate the surface and see if there is anything else needed. At a minimum, a moisture barrier is a must.


The end and opening trim pieces can be installed before or after the vinyl siding installation. Many companies prefer to put it on first-as it lets them see immediately if a vinyl piece is too short to be covered. For doors and window openings, an entire day may be spent cutting and fitting the trim around them. Corner trim is usually installed on the same day the wall is covered. Don't assume that the trim has to be the same color as the vinyl siding, you can play with accent colors to really give your home a new look.


The finish process for a vinyl siding installation is easier than any other type of siding installation. It mostly consists of a clean-up of waste and sometimes the contractor will precut waste pieces to leave behind as repair material in case you need it. One thing you should always do is keep a small piece of the siding. This can then be used as a color match piece when adding to the exterior decorations and landscaping of your home.

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